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    Soteska Mlačca je pravi plezalni vrtec v katerem se učijo začetki in kalijo profesionalci.
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    Omogočamo najem plezalne opreme in inštruktorjev plezanja (po predhodnem dogovoru).
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    Vstopnina 9.00 – 16.00 15,00 EUR
    Vstopnina 16.00 – 22.00 15,00 EUR

Plezališče je ZAPRTO.

Vabljeni, da nas obiščete naslednje leto! Posodobljeno: 17.3.2019

Climbing area is CLOSED.

You are welcome to visit us next year! Updated: 17.3.2019

A 200 metre long and 45 metre high Gorge called Mlačca is situated within the smallish basin Mlačca amogst the tennis courts. This is the cradle of an ice climbing gorge where a set of three waterfalls aproximatelly 15-30m wide and 30-40m high is located. The waterfalls are prepared by the members of the ice climbing association in Mojstrana. If you are excited by the idea of testing yourself in this type of climbing, you will not be disappointed by the experience within this gorgeous (mau word playa xD) icy gorge. This is also a place where famous well respected alpinists train in order to stay in shape and where events are being organized on a national as well as international level in memory of the legendary Slovenian alpinist Tomaž Humar.

Ice climbing is a winter activity that lets the blood flow throughout your entire body. If you are already experienced in this type of climbing you will be permitted to indulge in this enteprise without having an instuctor present. If this is not the case however, the presence of an instructor is mandatory so that they can inform the beginner with the different types of techniques and go over the necessary steps to be taken in order to ensure one’s safety. The so called top rope measure is being used which guarantees one’s safety even in the case of the ice breaking.

Combined climbing

A new type of climbing called dry-tooling is now also avaliable in Gorge Mlačca. There are eight different possible directions in the vicinity of the ice climbing site with difficulties ranging from D6 to M9.

These directions and properly equipped. The wall is aproximatelly 15 meters high. The rock/cliff isn’t suitable in certain sections but is nonetheless perfect for dry-tooling. The directions that cross eacthother are about 25meter long. A couple of longer sets of ropes are required for a smoother climbing experience . The moorings in the wall are properly equipped with rings. The climbing is especially interesting in four M difficulty directions where man made icicles are to be found.

Where are we?

Po gorenjski avtocesti do Jesenic-izvoz Hrušica, nato v smeri Kranjske Gore do vasi Mojstrana. Sredi vasi je odcep proti dolinama Kot in Krma, po približno 500m makadamske ceste se pri tabli Mlačca zavije ostro desno, po 100m je parkirišče poleg igrišč za tenis. Od tu dalje pelje pešpot ob potoku cca. 300m in že ste v središču soteske Mlačca.

Prices - Climbing

  • Entrance fee 9:00-16:00
    15,00 EUR
  • Entrance fee 16:00-22:00
    15,00 EUR
  • helmet
    5,00 EUR
  • belt
    5,00 EUR
  • ice axe
    5,00 EUR
  • crampons
    5,00 EUR
  • rope
    10,00 EUR
  • Instructor price
    negotiated beforehand
  • Any group of ten people or more have to announce their visit beforehand.


V soteski Mlačca pri Mojstrani domačin Pavel Skumavc vsako leto zamrzne pobočja soteske in uredi varovališča tako da nastane edinstven ledno-plezalni vrtec, kjer se prvič srečajo z ledom tečajniki iz cele Slovenije in tudi tujine, v previsih pa se varno kalijo mojstri lednega plezanja. To zimo bo plezališče še bolje urejeno, zanj pa skrbi Športno društvo lednih plezalcev Mlačca-Mojstrana (ustanovljeno 28.10.02). Zaradi velike množice plezalcev prejšnja leta od že nekaj let veljajo pravila obnašanja, plezalci morajo plačati vstopnino, za red pa skrbijo reditelji ŠDLPMM.

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Rules – Climbers

» Everyone climbs at their own risk
» The usage of mandatory climbing equipment is necessary
» Climbing is allowed on marked directions only unless permitted otherwise
» Only top rope technique climbing is permitted ( trad climbing and free solo are strictly forbidden)
» Any climber that does not act in a respectful manner and puts other climbers at risk will be warned only once before being instrcuted to leave the climbing site
» Alcohol consumption is not recommended / welcomed

Rules – Visitors

» Everyone visiting Gorge Mlačca is doing so at their own risk
» Visitors must act according to the rules and instructions of the Gorge supervisor » Walking is only permitted on marked safe routes
» Visitors can only hang around areas intended for them
» Mandatory climbing equipment: helmet, belt, crampons, rope, ice axe