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Ledeno kraljestvo
Jaslice Mojstrana Ponoči

Icy  kingdom

Stroll among the ice-covered trees, translucent ice curtains, ice roses, footbridges, streams and lakes to the large crystal hall of ice waterfalls.

Ice climbing

Ice climbing is a winter activity that lets the blood flow throughout your entire body. If you are already experienced in this type of climbing you will be permitted to indulge in this enteprise without having an instuctor present.

Ledno plezanje
Ledni plezalec pleza po slapu
Žive Jaslice v Mojstrani
Ekipa Živih Jaslic

Live nativity  scene in ice

A Christmas story in the embrace of ice waterfalls. Where breathtaking creations of nature, biblical message and art go hand in hand…