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Ice climbing in Mojstrana

Plezanje po ledu 25.1.2017 Mojstrana Slovenija
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Climbing area is currently CLOSED.

Climbing area is OPEN.


Gorge Mlačca is a real climbing kindergarden where beginners learn the basics and are in time forged into professionals.

Further information

We are able to provide the customer with all the necessary climbing equipment as well as the presence of climbing instructors (arrangement beforehand).

Price list

Ticket price for the use of the ice climbing area:

  • 15€ Daily (10:00 – 16:00)
  • 20€ Night (16:00 – 22:00)

Climbing area is CLOSED.

Updated: 16. 2. 2024

A 200 metre long and 45 metre high Gorge called Mlačca is situated within the smallish basin Mlačca amogst the tennis courts. This is the cradle of an ice climbing gorge where a set of three waterfalls aproximatelly 15-30m wide and 30-40m high is located. The waterfalls are prepared by the members of the ice climbing association in Mojstrana. If you are excited by the idea of testing yourself in this type of climbing, you will not be disappointed by the experience within this gorgeous (mau word playa xD) icy gorge. This is also a place where famous well respected alpinists train in order to stay in shape and where events are being organized on a national as well as international level in memory of the legendary Slovenian alpinist Tomaž Humar.

Ice climbing is a winter activity that lets the blood flow throughout your entire body. If you are already experienced in this type of climbing you will be permitted to indulge in this enteprise without having an instuctor present. If this is not the case however, the presence of an instructor is mandatory so that they can inform the beginner with the different types of techniques and go over the necessary steps to be taken in order to ensure one’s safety. The so called top rope measure is being used which guarantees one’s safety even in the case of the ice breaking.

Combined climbing

A new type of climbing called dry-tooling is now also avaliable in Gorge Mlačca. . There are eight different possible directions in the vicinity of the ice climbing site with difficulties ranging from D6 to M9

These directions and properly equipped. The rock/cliff isn’t suitable in certain sections but is nonetheless perfect for dry-tooling. The wall is aproximatelly 15 meters high. The directions that cross eacthother are about 25meter long. A couple of longer sets of ropes are required for a smoother climbing experience. The moorings in the wall are properly equipped with rings. The climbing is especially interesting in four M difficulty directions where man made icicles are to be found.


Along the Gorenjska (upper Carniola) motorway exiting at Jesenice West – Hrušica exit, then turning left towards Kranjska Gora. Village Mojstrana is approximately 6 kilometers away from the exit. There is a bridge on the left side of the road right after the rest area along the river Sava. This road leads all the way to Mojstrana. One needs to proceed past the ski slope and then turn left on a road uphill, keep left (road towards Kot and Krma)and approximately 500 meters and over a bridge turn right downhill. 50 meters ahead there is a large parking space right next to the tennis courts. From here on out there is a footpath leading towards the center of gorge Mlačca 300 meters ahead.

Another option is to leave the car in Mojstrana near the Viharnik Garden or the Slovenian Alpine Museum and continue on foot along Triglavska cesta, over the green bridge and up the hill. You can reach the gorge in about 5 minutes. If you are going to visit us by camper or bus, we recommend that you choose the latter option.

Prices - Climbing

It is not possible to hold courses and hire an instructor and equipment until further notice.
Entrance fee (9:00 – 16:00)
15.00 EUR
Entrance fee (16:00 – 22:00)
20.00 EUR
Ice axe
10 EUR
Instructor price
negotiated beforehand

Any group of ten people or more have to announce their visit beforehand.

Contact Us

Pavel Skumavc

Pavel Skumavc, a native of Mojstrana freezes the slopes of the gorge every year creating a unique ice-climbing kindergarden with belay stations where many beginner climbers from all over Slovenia and other countries come to learn how to ice climb for the first time. These cliffs covered in ice is where beginners are in time forged into professional ice climbers. The climbing site will be even more prepared this winter. The site is being maintained by the sports association of ice climbers Mlačca-Mojstrana founded in 28.10.02. Since the climbing site is usually crowded with large groups of climbers from all over the world, there are certain rules that have to be obeyed otherwise anyone breaking such rules will be asked to leave the area. The climbers have to pay an entrance fee. They will constantly be under the supervision of monitors from ŠDLPMM.

Rules – Climbers

Rules – Visitors


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Season 2022/23

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