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Temporarily closing the Ice Kingdom, 31.12.2022

Predstava živih jaslic 2017-2018

this year weather is not on our side. High temperatures and rain has caused the ice to melt. The location of the gorge itself does not guarantee temperatures low enough to keep the ice in place.
We would have liked to be able to invite you to join us till 2 January, but unfortunately this will not be possible, as it is impossible to rebuild the Ice Kingdom. 😞

Every day we checked weather forecasts and temperatures, kept our fingers crossed for low temperatures, even reinstalled hoses, spigots and nozzles across the kingdom a couple of times, stayed awake through the night and tried to rebuild at least some parts of the route, but unfortunately to no avail. So today we regret to inform you that we are TEMPORARILY CLOSING❌ Ice Kingdom Mojstrana.

We promise to start renovating as soon as the temperatures drop below zero and, if we succeed, we will be with you in January – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and the winter school holidays at the end of the month. ❄️

We are pleased that the ice has withstood all the high temperatures, even though we have not been able to renew it for 10 days and that you have not “noticed” the minor details due to melting. We are grateful. 🙏

Today, 31.12.2022 we are open until 19:00, then we CLOSE TEMPORARILY❌ until the end of the renovation.

We kindly ask for everyone’s understanding and respect for our decision.🥰We also ask that you do not go to the Ice Kingdom Mojstrana in the next few days, because we will start cleaning and installing pipes and fittings, the paths will not be covered and it will be dangerous.⛔️

Thank you all for your visit, for supporting the work of our small team,❤️ and for all of you who didn’t manage to visit the Ice Kingdom this week, we will see you in January 😉 We promise to do our best to bring back the Ice Kingdom Mojstrana.❄️

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