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    Live Nativity Play ticket price:
    14 € adults, 8 € children, 2 € preschool children
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    The existence of the ice kingdom is dependant on temperatures on any given day thus we reserve the right to change the opening hours if forced to do so.
  • Live Nativity performance

    • 25. 12. - 30. 12. 2019
      at 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00 o'clock

Icy Kingdom is CLOSED!

You are welcome to visit us again next winter. Updated: 2.2.2020

Live nativity scene in ice

A Christmas tale,
wrapped inside the Ice Kingdom in Mojstrana.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure where breathtaking creations of nature, scriptural message and art go hand in hand.

An Icy spectacle that also includes a 40 minute theatrical performance made up of 19 actors in a scenery surrounded by magnificent 25 meter tall icy waterfalls that are in general used as an environment for ice climbing..

It is in our honor to say that this is our eighteenth annual performance within the Ice Kingdom.

Admire all the sculptures within the Ice Kingdom illuminated by the torches and lanterns,  climb your way to the throne where the Snow queen lets you sit on it for a moment, then visit the gallery where the Ice princess helps you co-design the forest of fulfilled wishes.

Walk among trees coated in ice, transparent icy curtains, roses, footbridges, brooks, pools, the icicle mine and the fountain of wishes all the way to the large crystal hall of ice waterfalls where a Live Nativity Scene theatrical show awaits.

We remind our visitors of the seldom forgotten holiday customs. Three children are to revive tradition right in front of our eyes whilst the angels explain it by placing it in a historical setting. Following this playful introduction is the family’s departure to the Midnight Mass where famous scriptural characters all of a sudden become alive: Mary and Joseph,  the angel Gabriel and his merciful news, The Biblical Magi also known as the Three Kings that have come to pay tribute to Jesus, the angels that gracefully sing for the infant including our ten year old girl Hana the flying angel all right next to the 25 meter tall icy waterfalls.

The circular path takes you all the way to the final stations of the Ice Kingdom. Real live sheep baa in front of the nativity scene, the youngest visitors are winked at by famous well known cartoon characters. Anyone willing is welcomed to take pictures with them as well as play a game or two – who’s got more wits? Do not forget the stationary Nativity Scene gallery on the way back home.


Combined tickets with Slovene Alpine museum - visit our theatrical performance Live nativity in Icy Kingdom and Slovene Alpine museum in Mojstrana.
Special price: 15 € for adults, 10 € for children (6-14 years old).
Opening time of the museum: every day from 10.00 to 19.00 (in the time of the performances).

The kingdom of the snow queen

The kingdom of the Snow queen is spread out on a large meadow in front of the entrance to the gorge Mlačca in Mojstrana.

At the end of the castle corridor awaits an enormous ice throne, where the youngest companions are able to sit on. Visitors will walk through the park of icy roses and the beauty parlour of frost all the way to the fountain of wishes. The path will guide you past the ice crystal mine and the gallery of polar winds.

It is impossible to count all the sculptures, icicles, arches, flowers, lanterns, pines, fountains and all sorts of ornaments covered in ice on the way to the gorge. Every part of the kingdom has been developed in detail and with precision. The lanterns and torches add a special charm to the whole picture. If you take your time and look hard enough you will notice the illuminated icicles coming to life, vibrating and dancing.

Tours are possible:

  • during the live nativity scene performance (25. 12. – 30. 12. 2019) from 9 am to 1 pm
  • from 9 am to 7 pm in the absence of the live nativity scene performance

Ticket price: 6 € adults, 4 € children, 1 € preschool children

The existence of the Ice Kingdom is dependant on temperatures on any given day thus we reserve the right to change the opening hours if forced to do so.
foto: Žiga Vogrin


Along the Gorenjska (upper Carniola) motorway exiting at Jesenice West – Hrušica exit, then turning left towards Kranjska Gora. Village Mojstrana is approximately 6 kilometers away from the exit. There is a bridge on the left side of the road right after the rest area along the river Sava. This road leads all the way to Mojstrana. One needs to proceed past the ski slope and then turn left on a road uphill, keep left (road towards Kot and Krma) and approximately 500 meters and over a bridge turn right downhill. 50 meters ahead there is a large parking space right next to the tennis courts. From here on out there is a footpath leading towards the center of gorge Mlačca 300 meters ahead.

Special offer

This year offer COMBINED TICKETS with Slovene Alpine museum. Visit our theatrical performance Live Nativity in Icy Kingdom and Slovene Alpine museum in Mojstrana.
Special price: 15 € for adults, 10 € for children (6-14 years old).
Opening time of the museum: every day from 10.00 to 19.00 (in the time of the performances).

Extra services during the Live Nativity Scene performance:

WARM CORNER” stalls offering warm and cold drinks at the courtesy of the restaurant Pr’ Železn’k.

STANDS offering local and unique products

TOURS“of the Ice Kingdom during the absence of Live Nativity Scene performances.

(during the days without performances all day from 9am to 7pm, days with performances from 9am to 1pm)

TOURS of the Christmas garden “VIHARNIK“, illuminated by over 10 000 lights, creation of the native Stanko Brus (location right next to the Slovenian alpine museum).


Pavel Skumavc, a native of Mojstrana freezes the slopes of the gorge every year creating a unique
ice-climbing kindergarden with belay stations where many beginner climbers from all over Slovenia and other countries come to learn how to ice climb for the first time. These cliffs covered in ice is where beginners are in time forged into professional ice climbers. The climbing site will be even more prepared this winter. The site is being maintained by the sports association of ice climbers Mlačca-Mojstrana founded in 28.10.02. Since the climbing site is usually crowded with large groups of climbers from all over the world, there are certain rules that have to be obeyed otherwise anyone breaking such rules will be asked to leave the area. The climbers have to pay an entrance fee. They will constantly be under the supervision of monitors from ŠDLPMM.

Live nativity 2017-2018

photo by Žiga Vogrin

Live nativity 2017-2018

photo by Žiga Vogrin

photo by Primož Pičulin

Live nativity 2016-2017

photo by Žiga Vogrin

Live nativity 2014-2015

photo by Žiga Vogrin